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Snowshoeing in Davos Klosters

Step by step, you make your way over the pristine snow cover. The sun is caressing your face – and behind you, there are just your own tracks in a snowy mountain landscape. Snowshoeing in Davos Klosters Mountains is a truly special experience. Walking through the deep, soft powder snow, you’ll discover the region’s most beautiful places. And you’ll experience wonderful moments in nature – far away from all the hustle and bustle.

The cable cars and lifts take snowshoers to the starting points of several high-alpine routes. While snowshoeing on Pischa and Jakobshorn, you immerse yourself in nature and an impressive mountain world.


An experience for everyone

Snowshoeing is easy. Just strap some snowshoes to your hiking, winter or snowboard boots! And equipped with trekking poles, you’ll be ready to head out on your winter adventure. The snowshoes prevent your shoes from sinking in, and you can easily walk over the fresh snow cover. This makes it a gentle sport that’s easy on the joints and that doesn’t require any previous experience. However, everyone who decides to go snowshoeing off the signposted slopes and trails must bring appropriate equipment and have the necessary experience! We do not assume any liability.

The pink markings of the winter hiking trails and the purple ones of the snowshoe routes indicate that the routes are regularly maintained and secured. When open, they are safe options for your tour in deep powder snow. Do not use them when they are closed! Important: Out in the open Alpine terrain, all winter sports enthusiasts are responsible for their own safety.

Going hiking in soft powder snow together is a unique experience and perfect for groups and company teams. Together, you’ll walk over the glistening snow cover – and along the way, you’ll strengthen your sense of community. After shared experiences in the snow, a delicious fondue at one of the mountain huts awaits all participants. Tour tip: A moonlight tour followed by a fondue under starlit skies is a particularly wonderful experience. 

The snowshoeing package, available at the Pischa or Jakobshorn valley stations, includes snowshoe rental and the required cable car ticket. This special snowshoeing ticket an be purchased either online or at the respective ticket offices on site.

Magnificent view to the winter hiking trail at Pischa. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Snowy winter landscape in the ski area Jakobshorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Winter hiking trail towards stadler lake at the Jakobshorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Snowshoeing ­highlights

On our mountains

Woman enjoys snowshoe hike over white powder carpet at Pischa. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Pischa hiking trail

An optimal start

The winter hiking trail starts at the Pischa car park in the direction of the mountain station. Snowshoes can be rented at the valley station. The hiking trail leads you up to Mäderbeiz, where you can take a short break on the sundeck and recharge your batteries. Afterwards, the trail meanders uphill towards the mountain station. Along the way, snowshoe hikers enjoy beautiful scenic views of the valley. Once you arrive at the top, the cable car comfortably takes you back down to the valley.

  • Winter route no. 1
  • Starting point: Pischa Valley (1,799 m above sea level)
  • End point: Pischa mountain station (2,481 m above sea level)
  • Duration: 3 h (uphill)

Pischa Tschuggen in deep powder snow

Snowshoers take the Pischabus from Davos to Flüelatal Valley. From there, the cable car takes you to the starting point of the tour: Pischa mountain station. At 2,500 metres above sea level, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Downhill on snow-covered slopes: The snowshoe route starts on the left side of the mountain station and leads you towards the wide, snow-covered slopes. After you’ve completed about two thirds of the route, the trail leads you into the snowy Swiss pine forest. In the forest, the trail becomes a little steeper and eventually ends at the valley station. By the way: You could also tackle the route in the opposite direction – uphill!

  • Snowshoe route no. 5
  • Starting point: Pischa mountain station (2,481 m above sea level)
  • End point: Pischa Valley (1,799 m above sea level)
  • Duration: 2 h (downhill), 3 h (uphill)

Jakobshorn summit tour

Past Lake Stadlersee: The two sections of the Jakobshorn cable car take snowshoers up to the summit. After putting your snowshoes on, you’ll follow the hiking trail past Jatzhütte in the direction of Lake Stadlersee.

To Rossboden at 2,600 metres above sea level:
What follows next is a wonderful section along the glistening snowy mountain ridge before the trail gradually leads you up the slope onto Rossboden. At 2,600 metres above sea level, you’ll be greeted by beautiful scenic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Pinky promise: The ascent is truly well worth it! Afterwards, you’ll take a leisurely walk back towards the mountain station. On the sundeck of Sun Peak restaurant, you can enjoy the afternoon atmosphere and reward yourself with a sparkling refreshment. The cable car then takes all tired snowshoers back down to the valley.

  • Snowshoe route no. 20
  • Starting point and end point: Jakobshorn mountain station (2,590 m above sea level)
  • Duration: 3 h total

Group explores untouched trails on snowshoes. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Zügenhüttli Trail

Mit der Madrisa Bahn in Klosters gelangen Schneeschuhläufer zur Bergstation. Von dort aus startet die Tour zum Zügenhüttli, die eine herrliche Aussicht auf Klosters bietet. Als Zwischenhalt, vor dem Rückweg, lädt das Zügenhüttli mit leckeren Köstlichkeiten zu einer Pause ein. Die Rundtour ist ideal für Anfänger und Familien geeignet.

  • Start- und Endpunkt: Madrisa Bergstation
  • Dauer: ca. 1.5 Stunden Rundtour

Snowshoe hiking map

Are you looking for a suitable snowshoe hike? Here you will find all possible tours at a glance.
Have fun discovering them!

Overview of the snowshoe hiking routes

Snowshoe rentals

Great equipment makes winter sports even more fun. Snowshoes and poles for tours on Pischa can be rented at the valley station.

For tours on Jakobshorn, Bardill Sport offers snowshoes and equipment at the valley station. By the way: The snowshoe package includes rental equipment and the cable car ticket.

Guided tours

Our local “experience providers” regularly offer guided snowshoe tours on which you can safely explore the impressive mountain world of Davos Klosters. During private lessons or in a group, challenging or leisurely: There is an organised snowshoe tour for every taste and every level of skill. The tours are usually offered on a weekly basis, and they’re great training for longer snowshoe hikes. 

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