Trail running
Two trail runners are running at sunrise  and are mirrored in the lake in the area Gotschna. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Trail running in Davos Klosters

Trail running is the latest trend sport. No wonder! It combines exercise, balance training, adventure, and variety all in one activity. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced runner: In Davos Klosters, everyone finds a suitable trail.

What’s trail running? The activity combines running and hiking on unpaved trails. Speed doesn’t take priority in this case. Instead, it’s all about skill, balance, and variety. That’s why the sport enjoys increasing popularity with sports enthusiasts of all ages. It doesn't matter whether you explore the beautiful mountain world at a more leisurely pace and equipped with poles or run on high-alpine trails with spectacular views: Davos Klosters Mountains offers plenty of variety for any type of trail runner!

700 km Trails

The ideal landscape for every trail runner

Davos Klosters is very popular for trail running. The variety of experiences allows different training for every level. Here you will find an overview of the offer.

There are several recommended trail running routes in Davos Klosters – from easy to challenging – on which you can train. The various trails are accessible for beginners and advanced hikers from June to October. On the trail running map you will find an overview of the routes.

Several trail running camps are held in the region, which let you optimally train for the sport. They cover all the basics and help you create a foundation, on which you can then build on as you train independently after you’ve completed the camp.

In summer, numerous events for trail runners take place in the region. Such as the trail running camps for beginners as well as the SwissAlpine event for advanced runners. There is a lot to experience!

Some of the Mountain Hotels and Resorts are perfect for trail runners. Whether you stay in your own flat with kitchen in the Parsenn Resort or you enjoy hotel service in the Hotel Strela, the offers of these accommodation establishments are optimally geared to the needs of athletes – especially, regarding recovery, food and fitness.

You would like to get running shoes, poles or hydration packs? Our sports shops offer everything beginners need.

Two trail runners stand on the Geisshorn and enjoy the beautiful panorama.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
A trail running couple runs across the green plain on Madrisa, the sun is shining.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Two trail runners run on the rising ridge on Jakobshorn towards Sertig. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Trail running highlights

On our mountains

Two trail runners are running on the ridge of Jakobshorn towards the beautiful sunset with orange sky. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Vertical Davos Jakobshorn

Vertical – 1,000 metres of elevation gain

Sounds like a challenge? It is! And yet, the Vertical in Davos provides perfect conditions for beginners and advanced runners. Whether you tackle it at a leisurely pace and equipped with poles or more briskly as a form of interval training – you’ll quickly understand why the Vertical is so popular among trail runners.

The route starts at the foot of the Jakobshorn and initially leads you up to the Jschalp intermediate station on forest trails. From there, it continues on narrower trails up to the Jakobshorn’s summit. Once you arrive at the top, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular scenic views and a leisurely ride down into the valley.

Two trail runners stand on the Geisshorn and enjoy the beautiful panorama.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

High alpine trail davos klosters

The panoramic trail on the peaks on Parsenn offers a lot of variety. From the Weissfluhjoch, the route leads over alpine trails and a ridge towards the Gotschnagrat. From there, you can extend the route and run back to the Höhenweg middle station or take the Gotschna cable car down to the valley. With both options, refreshments await you at the end of the tour.

A trail running couple run over the ridge of the Geisshorn in the background the view over the Prättigau.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

From Davos Klosters to Prättigau

The multi-day tour is a unique experience for all those who can't get enough of trail running. It combines three destinations in one tour. Plenty of variety, adventure and scenic views are waiting for you …

In the evening, you can relax and unwind at your accommodation. A delicious multi-course dinner and the opportunity for some recovery at the spa are a perfect ending to an eventful day for ambitious trail runners. What’s more, you don't have to worry about your luggage: Leave it at the reception desk in the morning and pick it up at your next accommodation in the evening! It couldn't be any easier.

The route is suitable for trail runners who already have some experience. What a fantastic way to combine your hobby with a multi-day adventure in a spectacular mountain world!

Trail running map

Are you looking for a suitable training round or a larger tour? Here you will find all possible tours at a glance. Have fun discovering them!

The trail running routes at a glance

Double bed in Hotel Strela | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Accommodations for trail runners

Among the Mountain Hotels and Resorts there are accommodations that ideally fit the needs of trail runners with their offer.

They focus on regeneration and fitness: whether in the Parsenn Resort with your own apartments and kitchen for self-catering or in the Hotel Strela with a rich breakfast and optional packed lunch.

In the evening you can relax in the wellness areas or strengthen your muscles with exercises in the fitness area.

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