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School trips and sports camps in Davos Klosters

One thing’s for sure: In Davos Klosters, there is no such thing as boredom. Because a total of five ski resorts with 81 runs and 253 kilometres of slopes are waiting for you. But there is also plenty of variety when it comes to things you can do off the slopes: Cross-country skiing, sledging or ice hockey – the region in the Grison Alps is perfect for school trips and sports camps.

All throughout summer, there’s lots to see and experience in Davos Klosters Mountains, too. Go on hikes through the region with your students, enjoy fantastic scenic views, and dash down into the valley on scooters. School trips to Davos Klosters are always a resounding success.

Perfect for school groups: Alongside diverse activities, there are numerous suitable overnight accommodation options for school groups – on Rinerhorn or Jakobshorn and thus directly by the slopes, or in the valley near many great options for activities. Sounds cool? It is.

Davos Klosters is perfect for

Sports camps and schools because …

In the Davos Klosters Mountains you can book everything from one source. Whether tickets for the mountain, activities or accommodation, here with us you get everything from one source, uncomplicated and simple. Whether on the slopes or other adventures, you'll find plenty of action and fun here.

Schools benefit from attractive ski pass prices at the Davos Klosters Mountains. In addition, Davos Klosters offers guaranteed snow from November to mid-April thanks to its alpine location.

There are many accommodation options in the Davos Klosters Mountains that are specially designed for camps. They offer attractive ski pass packages for schools and some can be booked with half board or self-catering.

There are numerous restaurants on the mountain that are available for groups of 20 or more and also offer special menus. Simply make a reservation by phone.

In the Davos Klosters Mountains there are group offers for schools at the local ski schools. Or you can choose to take advantage of the educational courses offered by our local adventure providers.

Summer activities

In the Davos Klosters Mountains

You’re planning a school trip in summer? Let’s go – to Davos Klosters! Together with their classmates, kids can experience action, fun and excitement on four mountains. Interesting fact: Thanks to the high elevation of Davos Klosters, young guests are spared from mosquitoes and unbearable heat. And one thing is for sure: Among the wide range of leisure activities, there is bound to be something for everyone.


Hiking and discovering nature

Let’s head for the summit together! In the region’s four summer mountains, numerous hiking trails are waiting to be explored. And they’re perfect for school groups, because there are suitable routes for every level of skill. The best part? Lunch at one of the barbecue sites will make your adventure in the mountains even more memorable.

If you’d like to combine the hike with an educational course, you can choose from several great offers by our local providers. With "PUR Erleben", students can immerse themselves in the world of the Alps – including its flora and fauna – and learn about the special features of this fascinating terrain.

Drone shot of the winding section of the bike trail from Rinerhorn to Sertig.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Offer for young bikers

Little mountain bikers will get their money's worth, too: The bike paradise of Davos Klosters boasts numerous beautiful trails for beginners and kids. Especially the Technique Trail on Jakobshorn with its flowy waves and banked turns is a real highlight for youngsters. What’s more, the Bike Academy offers several cool bike technique courses for school groups.

Our tip: The technique trail on the Jakobshorn is ideal for young bikers. With smaller obstacles, curves and lots of downhill fun, you can slowly improve your biking technique in a controlled manner. And have a lot of fun at the same time!

Three friends enjoy the scooter track on the Rinerhorn. They dynamically give drive with their legs to move forward faster. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Speedy rides in summer

In the mood for an endorphin rush? Then you should visit Rinerhorn! That’s where you can go on a speedy 4.5-kilometre scooter ride down into the valley. Who wouldn’t enjoy that! This action-fuelled activity doesn’t require any previous experience and – if you make a reservation – there will be more than enough scooters available. You can also combine your excursion with a tasty lunch at Jatzmeder restaurant or with a barbecue at the picnic location.

Our tip: There is a great alpine petting zoo on the Rinerhorn in summer. This is the perfect combination for a scooter excursion. The Lamas are looking forward to seeing you!

Mini golf: who wins?

The mini-golf course at Hotel Waldhuus is the perfect excursion for a school class in summer. Whether in the evening or as a daytime activity, a round of minigolf is pure fun. Who will achieve the best score and be crowned the new mini-golf champion?

Winter activities

Action and fun on school trips

Family enjoys sunny view on fresh powder snow at Madrisa. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Fun on the slopes while on ski camp

Perfectly groomed slopes and guaranteed snow from November to April – the ski resorts of Davos Klosters are something you’ll have to experience yourself. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, because everyone can find their favourite slope here. What you should know? Rinerhorn is especially popular with school groups. It boasts many beautiful wide slopes, and it’s easy to find your way around there. Pupils who can't ski or snowboard can go sledging instead.

The kids still have plenty of energy left after a day on the slopes? Great! Every Wednesday and Friday from 19:00 to 23:00, you can go nighttime skiing or sledging on Rinerhorn – a unique experience under starlit skies. Of course, you can't miss the chance to stop for a quick bite to eat. How about a tasty spaghetti buffet at Jatzmeder mountain restaurant, for instance?

Bolgenareal at the bottom of Jakobshorn with view to the Seehorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Bolgen area

The Bolgen Area on Jakobshorn – with its magic carpet and chairlift – is the perfect location for beginners and school groups consisting of younger children. The local ski school can be found right on site at Bolgen Area as well. And you won’t have to worry about finding a place to eat: The Bolgen Plaza provides ample space for groups and serves tasty daily meals upon prior reservation. So all you need to focus on is having fun in the snow!

Girl is waiting for her sister to ski down the slopes. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Ski race for school groups

The must-do during every ski camp in the Grison mountains? A ski race just before your time here is coming to an end! Cheering each other on and having some fun – that’s what it’s all about. Both in the traditional giant slalom or the “Differenzler”, everyone gets two attempts, and then you’ll find out who the winner is.

At the Parsenn ski resort and on Jakobshorn, there are several race tracks that school groups can try. Upon request, we also set the course for you and provide poles, start numbers and accurate time measurements.

Wintertime equals time for sledging!

In Davos Klosters, you’ll dash down the mountain on sledges – curve by curve and with skilful manoeuvres. A total of three kilometres of sledging fun await you on Rinerhorn. Parsenn boasts a speedy route in the direction of Klosters – perfect for action-packed hours with your pupils. What are you waiting for? Let the airflow tickle your nose and have a little race with the kids!

By the way: At the mountain hostel on Rinerhorn, you have the option of staying the night after your sledging adventures – optionally, with self-catering or half-board.

In the mood for more winter adventures?

Then Pischa is just the right place for you! From snowshoeing to sledging, everything is possible at this alternative winter sports resort in the Flüelatal Valley. The mountain is particularly suitable for school groups – with lots of space, few people, and a wide range of different activities.

Our tip: Definitely give airboarding a try! Shifting your weight from side to side, you’ll glide downhill on an inflatable bodyboard. For some teambuilding, you can build an igloo together.

Night sledding on the Rinerhorn  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Attractive rates for (school) groups

You would like to support the next generation of skiers and make sure everyone gets to, at least, dabble in winter sports? That’s something that is near and dear to our hearts as well. That's why Davos Klosters Mountains has particularly attractive prices for school groups. What are you waiting for? Time to hit the slopes!

Register your school right away and benefit from exceptionally favourable rates!

Hotels for school groups

Finding a suitable accommodation for school groups can sometimes be quite the challenge. In Davos Klosters, that’s absolutely not the case. The Mountain Hotels for school groups specialise in hosting young guests and larger groups. Located directly by the ski slopes and hiking trails, they are the perfect starting point for unforgettable days in the mountains. Upon request, half-board or – in some locations – a kitchen for self-catering can additionally be booked. The attractive offers of the Mountain Hotels including lift pass or ski pass fit into any budget and are a great option for smart spenders.

On Rinerhorn and Jakobshorn or in the valley near the cable car and lift stations: The central location of the various accommodation options makes it easy and pleasant for teachers and camp counsellors to do their job.

Multi-bed rooms with bunk beds, clothes racks and lavabo | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Interior of the Jatzhütte Davos which is decorated with love and passion. | © Davos Klosters  Mountains

Restaurants  for school groups

Many of the restaurants offer ample space for (school) groups. What’s more, you can often make a reservation including pre-set meals. Our tenants in the mountains are happy to accept special requests.

At the Panorama Restaurant or at Clavadeler Alp on Jakobshorn, at Bolgen Plaza in the valley, at Jatzmeder restaurant on Rinerhorn or at Weissfluhjoch restaurant on Parsenn: You’ll find a suitable restaurant for you and your pupils on every mountain.  

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