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Freeride skiing & snowboarding in Davos Klosters

What are the freeride hotspots of Davos Klosters Mountains? Every mountain is an absolute must-visit for powder snow fans. The black/yellow routes are particularly attractive and irresistible for freeride skiers and snowboarders. They can be found on the slope map, which gives you a good overview of the entire backcountry of the ski resorts.

Located in high-alpine terrain and boasting guaranteed snow – the freeride locations in Davos Klosters Mountains are a true paradise for mountain sports enthusiasts. Powder snow as far as the eye can see and snow depths that’ll leave you speechless: The Swiss Alps with their countless summits are a feast for the eyes of every nature lover. And their pristine descents are absolute highlights for experienced off-piste skiers.

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The signposted freeride routes in Davos Klosters are a perfect location for freeride adventures – when they’re open. We recommend combining several routes into a day tour, which allows you to experience freeride fun at its finest!

It connects three top destinations in one day and with only one ticket. A great option for all those wanting to get even more out of their time in the Grison mountains.

The region is a popular location for freeride tours with local guides, a meeting spot for groups of like-minded powder snow enthusiasts and the event location of the annual Backcountry Festival at the end of January. It’s a hotspot for everyone who loves freeride skiing and snowboarding.

Freeriders who want to spend the night as close to the descents as possible should check out the mountain hostels of the Mountain Hotels.

Davos is known for being home to the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) in the Swiss Alps – a renowned research institute that focuses on avalanches and minimising associated risks and dangers.

You can book special packages including tours with local mountain guides.

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Magnificent view towards the ski area of Parsenn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Parsenn a timeless classic

Parsenn is an all-time favourite among freeriders. Several Englishmen discovered the spectacular routes on Parsenn as early as 1900. To Langwies, across Dorfberg or to Küblis: The descents on Parsenn were an absolute highlight around this time already.

Today, the area is especially popular with locals who know it like the back of their hand. That’s why we recommend you get a local guide that ensures you won’t miss out on any of the most beautiful descents.

Freerider skis down from the Jakobshorn peak. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Jakobshorn freeride hotspot

Good vibes and one endorphin rush after another: That’s what awaits freeride skiers and snowboarders on Jakobshorn – an expansive winter sports resort with guaranteed snow. Two black/yellow freeride routes (if open!) take you down into the picturesque side valleys of Sertig and Dischma. The Jakobshorn is also an insider’s tip among freeride photographers. The reason for that are its spectacular powder-snow descents.

By the way: The Avalanche Training Centre is located on Jakobshorn as well. At this 100 by 100 metre location in moderately steep terrain, realistic avalanche cones are simulated. Visiting the ATC is free of charge. However, you must bring your own avalanche transceiver including probe.

Drone image of the ski area Rinerhorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Rinerhorn the insider tip

Rinerhorn boasts several black/yellow freeride routes, too. What’s more, black slope number 8 is a hot tip for those who want to enjoy nature and who long for some more variety in the snow.

It takes some experience to tackle the routes on Rinerhorn, and that’s why we recommend you book a local guide.

Sunbeams envelop the wide mountain panorama. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Pischa freeride pur

A winter sports resort without groomed slopes? That’s what freeriders and backcountry enthusiasts find on Pischa. The mountain not only provides perfect conditions for off-piste skiing and ski touring. It also lets you enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in an extraordinary high-alpine setting.

Away from the hustle and bustle of busy slopes, the Pischa recreational area in Flüelatal Valley is a prime location for powder fun.

Our tip: It’s well worth hopping into the cable car onto Pischa on days of fresh snow. No tracks and pristine descents …. what more could you ask for!

Spectacular freeride slope with lots of snow. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

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A loop that connects three destinations and takes you into the magnificent mountain world of the Swiss Alps with only one ticket: This day tour leads you to Arosa via Parsenn and Langwies. Then the cable car takes you to the starting point of the next section to Tschiertschen. From there, you’ll tackle the third descent to Parpan/Lenzerheide. This is also the finish location of the 3-Bahnentour. The Postbus takes you back to Davos Platz.


Did you know that Davos Klosters is also a hotspot for ski touring? The starting points of some of the most stunning high-alpine tours are located in the ski resorts of Davos Klosters Mountains. What’s more, the cable cars and lifts take you up to 2,600 metres in not time at all.

Are you looking for another fantastic location for ski tours? On Pischa, ski tourers and nature lovers will find a little piece of heaven. In addition, ski touring trial lessons are held every Thursday, which lets you learn and practice the very basics of ski touring under the guidance of experienced pros for the duration of half a day.

Freeride deals and accommodations

Speaking of staying safe: To ensure you’ll have a good feeling while you’re out and about in the backcountry, our local partner businesses offer various specials that bring you one step closer to freeride bliss.

The offers are diverse: On the Avalanche Weekend, you’ll learn more about what to do in case of an avalanche as well as how to prevent them and how to assess the possible dangers. Another option is taking a three-day course with a local mountain guide: You’ll explore the backcountry together – and afterwards, you’ll know how to act responsibly in the face of Alpine dangers.

Staying amidst the Swiss Alps and dreaming of fresh powder snow: An accommodation in immediate proximity of the slopes or in the mountain of Davos Klosters lets you do just that! The Mountain Hotels offer a range of different accommodation options for freeride skiers and snowboarders.

Safety in the mountains

Your responsibility

While ski touring and freeride skiing or snowboarding, you’re off the signposted slopes – hence, the rules and etiquette for off-piste skiing apply.

The terrain is neither signposted nor secured, which makes it subject to possible alpine dangers. The slope and rescue services only monitor and control the signposted and open slopes. Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG does not assume any liability once you leave the signposted and groomed slopes.

All black/yellow routes that can be found on the slope map must only be used if they are open. They also fall under the category of off-piste skiing. This means you need to have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment.

All featured routes are to be understood as recommendations only. It is within your responsibility to assess whether they are suitable for your skills, taking into account the prevailing weather conditions. We do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

If you go freeride skiing or snowboarding out in the backcountry, you do so at your own risk. We recommend thorough preparation, route planning and informing yourself about the snow conditions and avalanche warnings ahead of your tour.

No liability is assumed for any accidents that might arise from following the information published. We suggest you have a mountain guide accompany you. 

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