Airboard experience Pischa

Airboard experience Pischa

Lying on an air cushion, you glide on the snow, whether on the slopes or in deep snow, nothing can stop you. Would you like to try out airboarding, the fast kind of sport?

Pischa is the mountain of alternative winter sports. To name one of them, at airboarding you lie on a cushion of air and whiz across the snow. Because you hardly sink in, it is also possible to ride over deep snow. Don´t worry, you have everything under control: as soon as you take your weight off the airboard, you are slowing down.   

Buying the airboard package there are included two mountain rides on Pischa. You will receive the airboards and helmet at the mountain station. For the descent, we recommend choosing route no. 1 heading down into the valley. After the first run you will have gained confidence and can start the second round straight away. For refreshments, the mountain restaurant Pischa and the Mäderbeiz are open.

Please be aware: You are responsible for your own safety when you leave the trail and enter to the deep snow. If you are less experienced at airboarding, we recommend booking a mountain guide.

Groups of 10 or more are kindly requested to book directly at the sale point Pischa so that the airboards can be reserved for you.

Sales point Pischa
7260 Davos Dorf
T. +41 (0) 81 417 67 00

  • Airboard rental
  • incl. 2 mountain rides Pischa
  • Price from 45,00 CHF
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