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CO2-neutral overnight stays in Davos Klosters

Reduce CO2 emissions – with every overnight stay

Choosing to stay at our CO2-neutral Mountain Hotels allows you to make a positive impact on the environment and reduce your ecological footprint. The choices we make today shape the future, and that’s why we extend an invitation to join us in the effort to reduce CO2 emissions – even and especially while enjoying your holiday in Davos Klosters

CO2-neutrality seal

With the CO2-neutrality seal, we designate hotels that make an effort to actively reduce CO2 emissions, for instance, in areas such as heating, electricity consumption, and hot water production. In addition, they have established clear objectives and initiatives for the future aimed at enhancing the sustainability of every overnight stay.

Achieving CO2-neutrality during your overnight stay

What does this mean anyway?

What lies behind the term CO2 neutrality, and why is it so important? CO2 neutrality signifies a crucial environmental objective, driven by the need to minimise the production of harmful carbon dioxide.

To foster a more ecologically sustainable future, efforts are directed at optimising everyday activities that generate significant CO2 emissions. This can entail either the complete elimination of CO2 generation or the offsetting of unavoidable emissions through climate protection initiatives. These compensation projects are designed to support nature and contribute to climate protection.

At the Mountain Hotels, achieving CO2 neutrality involves a deliberate commitment to employing only sustainable methods for energy generation and heating. Our heat and hot water production operate entirely CO2-neutral. Furthermore, we contribute to emission reduction upon your arrival by offering EV-charging stations for electric vehicles. This forms a sustainable foundation for your stay with us. Additionally, we establish goals that encompass further initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

CO2-neutral accommodation

options at a glance

Carbon-neutral heat generation and hot water production through pellet heating sourced exclusively from 100 % Swiss wood. Additionally, a portion of the electricity needs are met through the use of a photovoltaic system.

Zentralheitzung Hotel National

The hotel’s heat and hot water are generated using geothermal energy, while a substantial portion of the electricity comes from the photovoltaic system installed on the roof.

Hotel Ochsen 2 Solaranlage auf dem Flachdach

Heat and hot water are generated using a heat pump, and the photovoltaic system installed on the roof supplies a significant portion of the electricity.

In 2024, Joseph’s House transitioned to entirely carbon-neutral heat and hot water production using pellet heating sourced from 100 % Swiss wood. Additionally, a portion of the electricity needs are covered by the photovoltaic system.

Mountain Hotels 

Companies with measures already implemented

Hotel Ochsen: Hot water is generated via geothermal energy.

Hotel Montana: Hot water is mainly generated using heat pumps.

Berghostel Jschalp: completely CO2-free heat and hot water generation using heat pumps

Berghostel Rinerhorn: completely CO2-free heat and hot water generation using heat pumps

Hotel Alte Post: 30% of the energy consumed is generated by means of a heat pump.

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Boiler during the construction of the Hotel National | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Room with window and view of Jakobshorn mountain station | © Davos Klosters Mountains

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