Swissalpine - running spectacle in three series

27th to 29th July 2018

The route is paved for the ultimate racing event in the Alps - the Swissalpine Marathon and the Swiss Irontrail will take place again under the new Swissalpine umbrella brand.



An extraordinary running event with breath-taking tracks where one scenic attraction tops the previous one is awaiting you. You may choose your favourite discipline from 12 exciting races, including the supreme Irontrail T88.

 Swissalpine Marathon

  • Faster mountain running with competition character
  • Somewhat tight time limit
  • Short sections through high alpine terrain
  • Numerous refreshment stations (4-6km)
  • Time measurement with chip
  • No Nordic walking sticks permitted

Swiss Irontrail

  • Ultrarunning with an adventurous character
  • Moderate time limit
  • Long autonomous section in high alpine terrain
  • Targeted refreshment stations with a large assortment
  • Time measurement with chip
  • Nordic walking sticks permitted


  • Various route lengths with trail character
  • Large time limit
  • Short sections in alpine terrain
  • Refreshments available at distances between 5-15km
  • Time measurement with chip
  • Nordic walking sticks permitted