20st to 23rd September 2018

Bringing a fresh approach to the well-established Enduro format, this 3-day ultra-social stage race is quite different to all other Enduro Races you’ve seen before. On each stage you must start together and finish together, and thus you will following your partner through out the stage. It’s still blind Enduro racing, but you’re very much in-it-together, you’re experiencing all the thrills and fun of the race, and at the same time. All those hilarious race-run near-misses and runs-of-your-life that no-one ever saw?

Now your riding buddy is the only one who can judge, and this will perhaps be even more important than what the clock says at the end of the event. Teamwork and tactics on how to work together become a factor in getting the best results, and we’re always excited about seeing each pair’s unique interpretation of this strategy during our events.


20th - 23rd of September 2018
CHF 390.-/Team
from 1st January
Race days
Friday the 21st – Sunday 23rd of September 2018
Davos Klosters | Graubünden | Schweiz

10 to 15 timed stages, transfers with gondola support
Downhill / Uphill
12’000Hm down & <1’500m up
natural alpine trail, swissmade flowtrails
Experienced intermediate und advanced riders
100% blind
no track walk or practice